6+ animals that defy laws of nature


1. Walking fish


Shuttles hopfish and its son (Image by Alpsdake/Wikimedia Commons)

Remember that  Guinness ad where the evolution goes back: men devolve into cavemen, birds into dinosaurs? It ends with two little fish walking to water and expressing disgust at its taste. These fish do exist. The fish from the advert is close to mudskipper – an Australian fish.

2. Living on land fish


Kriptolebias marmoratus  (Image by Cardet co6c/Wikimedia Commons)

But slowly ambling/sliding on the mud from puddle to puddle is not that amazing if you consider mangrove killifish… It can survive on land, breathing through its skin and even hunting for 66 days. Oh, it also clones itself but that’s a story for another day.

3. Swimming in brine frog


Sans nom-1

Crab-eating frog  (Bernard DUPONT/Wikimedia Commons)


Previous entries tell about fish that are doing what they shouldn’t. But how about the next step on the evolutionary ladder, amphibians? Of course, frogs can swim, there’s nothing strange in that. But if you know that frogs have thin, permeable skin, which leaches salts, you can predict that there’ll be no frogs living in seawater as they would die of thirst. You would be almost right. There’s only one frog that lives in seawater – crab-eating frog. Although, if you think about it, the soft, squishy frog it shouldn’t be eating hard – carapaced, clawed crab either.


4. Flying frog



Wallace Flying frog  (sitting) (Bernard DUPONT/Wikimedia Commons)


Frogs not only or even not mostly swim but most of their time they live on land so there’s nothing strange about them perambulating. But how about flying? They don’t even have fins, but they do fly. The most famous of flying frogs is Wallace flying frog named after the lesser known co-father of the evolution theory, Alfred Wallace. The frogs climb trees and jump from one tree limb to another, gliding for 15 meters.

*A video of another flying frog, golden tree frog of Malaysia

5. Diving iguanas




These iguanas invented a new sport – water wrestling (RuyCalderon/Wikimedia Commons)


Lizards completely left behind their semi-aquatic ancestors, amphibians and inhabit hot, dry places. Iguanas are lizards that live in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. On land. But there is one lizard, marine iguana, which not just swims, but dives down to 25 meters in sea water to get its lunch, seaweed. It lives on Galapagos Islands.

6. Swimming pigs



Peppa‘s grown up and works as a water taxi  (Lisa Larsen/Wikimedia Commons)

Many land animals – deer and wolves – can swim across rivers. But you wouldn’t expect pigs swimming, except maybe to save their lives. How about pigs that nobody trained swimming in the sea to greet boats? Pigs living on a Bahaman island Big Major Cay do it.(Watch promotional video from 45’’)


And if pigs can do it, swimming elephants are just a matter of scale.

Lastly, everybody knows about flying fish, but did you know that  the current  champion can fly for up to 45 seconds at speed 30 kpm?  (Video).


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