Neflix: more of the same ad nauseum?

In the battle between old studio-based media giants that churn endless Transformers remakes and new internet-based ones, I am firmly in the camp of the latter. I can rarely stir myself to go and watch a movie that will cost me at least £10  for what feels like a sterile corporate experience. For the same price, I can have a month access to Netflix with thousands of hours of entertainment from the comfort of my own home.

But the article “Netflix Is Getting Huge. But Can It Get Great?” of an even older media member, the New Your Times critic  James Poznierovski reads as a prophecy.  He writes that Netflix is good in allowing established media figures like Shonda Rimes (of Gray’s Anatomy and The Scandal) to make more of the same content but there’s a lack of maverick breakthroughs that independent movie makers allow.

The recent SF movies and series confirm this. As I wrote before, What happened to Monday is a paler but still watchable copy of  Canadian cable show “Orphan Black“. “The Cloverfield Paradox” is “nothing new but watchable as well”.

Case in point N2. Extinction. They, the aliens, came, they saw, they bombed and shot everybody to smithereens because they could. Reminds the recent Iraq War.

(Spoiler alert)

Case in point N3. The Beyond (so bad it doesn’t have a Wikipedia page).The aliens save the humanity for no reason and moreover, reward Earth destruction by gifting another planet. I find it a pale copy of French micro-series Missions, which at least had a based on real-life Soviet cosmonaut.

Why or why they recycle old tired ideas? Why does it take the Netflix 15 years to read ‘Altered Carbon‘?


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