Did you know that…

Acanthostega – 8-fingered “found link” between fish and tetrapods (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

… five-fingered hand is an accident, not inevitability. Many ancient amphibia had 6-7-8 fingers, but their descendants did not survive until our time. Imagine  how beautiful a piano concerto for 8-fingered musicians would be.

5-fingered people would be considered suffering  from oligodactyly  (oligo-, having liitle + daktulos – finger)  and “normal” people would be amazed that they can do almost everything, such as walking and writing.

2  hands + 2 feet body plan is not an  inevitability either, just a result of a fish with two front and two tail fins crawling on the land. The ancient fish had different  fins arrangement, including extra pairs of fins. I think two pairs of hand would have increased the brain size as well – probably we would have colonised the Solar system by now.

Blue 6-limbed latimeria – ancestor of  Kali
Famous actress Kali during the shoot of "Invaders from Mars"
Famous actress Kali during the shoot of “Invaders from Mars”